Why is an exchange so important?

fazer um intercâmbio

When someone decides to go on an exchange, they first think it will help them professionally because they are fluent in English.

This is undoubtedly an unquestionable truth. However, this is not the only benefit provided by the exchange.

There are many behavioural changes achieved by living abroad for a year. And in this post we are going to show you why doing an exchange program is so essential for your professional career. Just take a look.

1 – Doing an exchange gives you independence

When you arrive in an unknown country, you must decide for yourself. Whatever happens, you don’t have that person to ask: now what do I do?

This independence in decision-making becomes natural in your life. And the less you realize it, the easier it will be to solve a problem.

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Within a company, this is a much-requested posture. That’s why exchange students can demonstrate in a job interview even greater confidence than any other candidate.

2 – You will have much more security

Another fundamental point that the exchange provides is security. After all, when you live abroad alone, you are faced with several new situations. And you need to overcome the fear of a lot of things.

Over time, the need to solve problems increases and you become much safer. This security brings other behavioural skills, such as calm in the face of a problem.

Without realising it, you naturally adopt this posture, and in a job interview, the recruiter will notice this.

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3 – Making an exchange awakens the ability to solve problems

All organizations look for professionals who solve problems and bring solutions to the business. No company hires someone who only sees problems in everything and doesn’t solve anything.

When living alone in a new country, this is a skill you develop. Even when a problem arises you have no one to help solve it. And over time you learn to deal with it.

This means that naturally, you solve more complex problems, and this opens many doors when you return to Brazil.

4 – Speak a new language

Finally, when you live abroad, you master a new language once and for all. Taking courses in Brazil, it is possible to learn English, but you will not have the same ability to speak fluently.

The exchange gives the necessary security to lack another language without stuttering. And this will be easily identified by the interviewer.

In short, you improve your emotional intelligence, master a new language, and become a much better professional, which will open new doors in the job market.

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