Where to live in Dublin? Find out in this post!

morar em dublin

Do you intend to live in Dublin? It is important to keep in mind that Ireland is facing a major housing crisis in recent months.

The migratory wave of recent years, combined with the war between Russia and Ukraine has made the demand for real estate far above the supply in the country.

The result is that the price of real estate has become much more expensive. Therefore, it is important to plan very well before leaving Brazil. And in this article, we will give you some tips for finding your home in Dublin.

Opt for a shared room or house

One way to more easily find a place to live in Dublin is to share a house or a room. Because you will spend less that way.

There are a lot of people in town looking for people to share a room or house, and you won’t have to go through a lot of paperwork to put together rental paperwork.

Get more info about exchange programs in Ireland

There are some Facebook groups or even marketplaces where people share this. There are also two sites daft.ie and rent.ie that advertise housing for those looking.

House, apartment and flat for rent

Another way to live in Ireland is to rent an entire house, flat or apartment. However, in that case, you will pay a much higher amount.

In addition, you will need to sign a rental agreement with the landlord that will require several documents. So, in addition to being more bureaucratic, this is a more expensive way to rent a property in the city.

Faced with the accommodation crisis that the country is facing, this is an alternative that has become even heavier and less suitable.

Consider spending time in a hostel

The hostel is a type of collective housing that attracts the attention of those who want to live in Ireland. Even many people already closed a package to spend one to two months in the hostel until finding a room or shared house.

However, with the looming housing crisis, people began to consider living in a hostel for the duration of the exchange. That is, spend the 8 months there.

In Dublin, there are many hostels in the city centre, and the privileged location also saves you money on public transport.

Start looking for a stay in advance

As you can see, Ireland is facing a serious housing problem. And this will require much more patience on your part in the search for a property.

So start looking on the internet, but never close a house remotely, as there are many scams in the country. It is possible that in the beginning, you will have an even higher cost of housing.

And in this case, the hostel is the best alternative to stay right on arrival in the country. Liked? Then share this article with your friends on your social networks.