Travel by ferry from Dublin to Wales for only €7

One of the best things about studying in Ireland is that students are able to travel for very cheap prices. Now that Spring has come, it’s a nice option to get a ferry to another country and enjoy a day off with friends. Check the details below:

Some students are unaware that it’s also possible to go to another country by ferry, leaving the port of Dublin. The destination is Holyhead, in Wales, which is part of the UK, and the attractive price of €7 is offered by a shipping company called Stena Line.

But beware: the price is only valid on Tuesdays. For any other day, the tickets will cost more.

The best option is to book the ticket for the first ship at 8:20 am to enjoy the whole day there. You need to arrive earlier at the port to check in. In order to get there, you can go by taxi or on bus 53 and 151. Already on the way back the options are taxi or transfer because the ship arrives around 11.30 pm and the buses are no longer working.


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The trip lasts 3 hours and a half, on board a ship with restaurant, cinema, games, bar, duty-free and a smoking area. During the trip, you can enjoy this all and also enjoy the sights.

Once in Holyhead you can get to know the city center or start with the trails that lead you to beautiful scenery, including the main tourist spot: the South Stack Lighthouse.

The city center has a few shops and pubs, and the main church St. Cybi’s Church. It’s a nice little country town.

Pound is the local currency, but you can still find some places that accept euro. Inside the ship, there is an option to choose the currency that you will use, however just to make sure, exchange some money for a snack or whatever you want to buy.

You can book your tickets on Stena Line website, click here for more information. Just remember to select Tuesday to ensure the promotional value! Enjoy!

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