The Students’ Perspective – SEDA’s Interactive English programme: The Role of the Media in Today’s World

Students from our Interactive English programme said that they learned faster with this approach.

SEDA College is always looking for new ways to teach English in a more effective, enjoyable and relevant way.  With this aim in mind, we create the module “The Role of the Media in Today’s World” as part of SEDA’s bespoke Interactive English programme. As the module draws to a close, we spoke to the class about their experience.  It was widely agreed among the class members that the media plays an important role in society. 

 It shapes our ideas and opinions, and can even influence government action and promote social change.  Media is all around us: the shows we watch on TV, the music we listen to (on Spotify), the newspapers we read, the websites we visit and the social media we use. Taking time out to reflect on how media affects and influences us was useful and enlightening.

Students in this class were asked to give their opinion on the effectiveness of this CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) approach to developing more effective communication strategies and accelerating the acquisition of English language skills.  Gabriela said that the course has been very useful for her: “We do different kinds of assignments, essays and presentations.” 

As Kaik affirmed, studying English using this approach has been very beneficial for him: 

“Definitely, I don’t enjoy learning in a formal ‘frontal’ way. I like to learn more naturally through group collaboration, projects and discussions.  Working this way, I understand better and I am able to retain new ideas more effectively”.

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Camila described the main difference between the approach taken in a General English class, compared to that of the Interactive English programme:  talk about what is the main difference between the general English course and the interactive English course: “We learn here another kind of vocabulary, a more natural life. It’s exciting to learn how to use different words”, affirmed her. 

“The Role of the Media in Today’s World” is the second module of the 2022 Interactive English programme.  All the students agreed that the skills they developed most during this module were critical thinking and speaking skills, thanks to the energetic debating that took place during class time. 

If you want to apply for the next module, which is entitled Interactive English: Identity in a Global Age please contact Jane at [email protected]. This is a closed group, 6-week class, which is open to SEDA students with a CEFR level of B2/ C1 (Upper-Intermediate to Advanced). It starts on Monday 27 June 2022.