SEDA Languages starts a new term in February. Check this out!

If learning or improving a new language is part of your resolutions for 2020, SEDA Language gives you another opportunity to achieve your goals. The new term starts on the 18th and 20th of February. Don’t miss out on the chance of upskilling by boosting your language skills. This term will offer Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese. Take your time to do one of our placement tests and go for your favorite language.

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– Classes take place once a week on Tuesday or Thursday, depending on your level;

– From 6:30-8:30 pm;

– Students will have classes with native speakers;

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– The content is given in the chosen language;

– A 3-month membership on SEDA College Online is also offered;

– A certificate is issued to every student at the end of the term.



You can either do the payment online via Paypal – there’s a link available on the course page – or you can pay in person at SEDA College, located on Capel Street 68-72, D1. The price is €120 for any one of the courses.

15 students are the maximum available per class. So don’t wait too much to get yourself enrolled in a course. Placement tests are available on where you can also check the terms and conditions of the course. It’s your chance to enhance your language skills, so go for it.

Do you want to learn English online with native speakers? Check our online platform and go for it!