SEDA College promotes SEDA XP in São Paulo

SEDA College promoted the SEDA Experience event last Saturday (15), at Teatro Gamaro, in São Paulo.

The event, which focused on explaining the advantages and benefits of doing an exchange, brought together more than 300 people interested in studying abroad.

There was a team of specialized consultants on-site to answer all questions and set the stage for a successful exchange.

Exchange in Ireland

SEDA Experience had its first edition in Brazil this weekend. Previously the event had already had 2 online editions.

Kevin Cardoso, the filmmaker, stated that the event was a success with the audience: “seeing the whole audience here at the theatre, makes all our effort to hold an event of this magnitude worthwhile”.

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Fernanda Moraes, responsible for the event, also stated how gratifying it is to see people closer to realizing their dreams: “bringing people closer to Ireland, showing that it is indeed possible to study abroad, is priceless. Today, I know that more than the exchange, we deal with changing people’s lives. As if it were the beginning of a new story.”

Dreams come true

In addition to explaining everything from financial planning to the first steps in Ireland, the SEDA Experience event also included the raffle of 10 scholarships for Ireland.

And you, do you want to come to Ireland? Click here and have more information about the exchange in the Emerald Isle.