SEDA College partners with Noel Group and announces job vacancies in Cork at SEDA Jobs Club

SEDA college is increasingly seeking to increase its performance to become much more than an English school.

Its mission goes far beyond the classroom, seeking to act as an assistant to help exchange students on all fronts during their stay abroad.

In view of this, the school created the SEDA Jobs Club a few years ago, which is a platform that aims to help students find a job in the market during their exchange in Ireland.

What is the objective of the SEDA Jobs Club?

The main objective of the SEDA Jobs Club is to bring employers closer to exchange students who are looking for a job in the market, using state-of-the-art technology.

In general, the technology analyzes candidates and recommends possible matches through information about their profiles. Until then, the platform was aimed exclusively at Dublin students.

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In other words, students at the Cork unit were unable to find job openings through the SEDA Jobs Club. Now this has become possible with the institution’s newest partnership: Noel Group Cork, a local employment agency.

She has even announced three job openings on the platform: one for Event Staff, another for Kitchen Porter and a third vacancy for Catering Assistant.

How to apply for vacancies?

Students at SEDA’s Cork branch can apply for vacancies in a very simple process. It is only necessary to apply on the website and then click on “Apply Now”.

By doing so, the student will have more information about the vacancy, with a very detailed job description, the responsibilities he will have in the day-to-day work, and the requirements such as GNIB card and PPS number.

It is also informed of the necessary skills to occupy the position, the career field (whether it is a bar, hotel, etc.), and the necessary experience time. The amount that the student will receive per hour is also informed.

Ensuring a better exchange experience

With this solution, SEDA shows a concern that goes beyond the classroom. The school tries to think about all the experiences that its students have in the city of Cork.

Therefore, more and more, the teaching institution is trying to innovate, bringing different differentials to the day-to-day of the exchange, trying to be much more than just an English school.

The intention is to help students on the most varied work fronts, and now with this partnership consolidated, the institution’s students are the winners.

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