SEDA College opens new branch in Cork

SEDA College opened the new unit in Cork this Saturday (13/08) and was attended by students and employees. The party started at 2 pm, followed the opening schedule, welcoming all students and interested parties for a presentation explaining what SEDA College is and the advantages of studying at our school.

Then we had presentations of our projects, in addition to the English language, such as jiu-jitsu and theatre, and also a lecture on human behaviour by coach Simone. The event was a success, gathering more than 50 people.

The new unit

Our new unit in Cork has more than 20 rooms, all equipped and ready to receive students this Monday. The building was painted, glued and signposted so that students have the most incredible comfort.

The concern to maintain the SEDA College quality standard was taken seriously. CEO Tiago Mascarenhas stated that everything was thought of in the smallest details: SEDA is a school whose reputation arrives before the student arrives at it. So this is the most precious thing we have, our name, and we need to take care of it. We believe that we can bring education and a commitment to teaching to the entire island, and with that, meet the expectations of our students in Cork, who were already waiting for this unit”, he concluded.

Expansion plan

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SEDA is following an expansion plan, thinking and developing to meet the demand that emerged in Ireland, in the period we are living now, post-pandemic. For two years, 2020 and 2021, students have been barred from entering the Emerald Isle here due to COVID-19. Therefore, 2022 was the year to receive all this demand.

And SEDA thought of accompanying and understanding the new students, developing in addition to new extra-class projects, such as jiu-jitsu and theatre, also expanding to other cities, and the new unit in Cork is the answer to so many requests for the expansion of the school. to other cities.

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