SEDA College Online student Gabi Pessanha is Jiu jitsu world champion four times in less than 6 months

Gabriele Pessanha, black belt of brazilian jiu jitsu, is now part of the history of this sport. Gabi conquered for the fourth time the world championship in less than 6 months. This is the first time in history that someone achieved this mark. 

Gabi was super excited about and said: “ 10 years ago if you told me: “Gabi you will be 4 times world champion “ I would never imagine that this day would happens, not because I didn’t believe but because It was almost impossible for a black Brazilian girl, poor from the “favela” to achieve it. But God had his plan for me and everything happened the way he wanted and on his time, 4x times world champion in less than 6 months”, affirmed her.

Recently Gabi won  the world championship of Brazilian jiu jitsu. She fought in her category and in the absolute category, when any participant of any category can fight each other, and so Gabrieli Pessanha, at 21, entered the history of world jiu-jitsu as he was the first person to achieve such an achievement.

 “I know we are making history, Cidade de Deus is making history and our name is there now, but this is only the beginning. We want more, we will have more. Thank God for being my light and support. Thanks to my family for being there in all the moments. Thanks to my professor for always believing in me even when I didn’t myself. Thanks to my teammates for pushing me harder to improve. Thanks to my opponents for making me fight harder. And also thanks to me, thanks to me for always pushing myself to the limits and doing what others thought would not be possible. If you believe you can have. I’m so happy and the world is ours”, explained her.

A Champion’s history 

Gabi has competed in the United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, France, Japan and many others.

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Gabi still trains at the same gym she started, and she’s sure this serves as an inspiration for the younger ones: “I want them to think that if I can do it, they can too”.

Today, Gabi studies with SEDA College Online and takes her first steps towards fluency in English.