SEDA College Online launch English course for jiu-jitsu

SEDA College Online, SEDA College’s English platform, has launched an English course for jiu-jitsu. The objective of the study is to provide and improve the athletes’ communication during international competitions, and even to enable the negotiation of sponsorship support from companies outside Brazil to athletes of this martial art.

The CEO of SEDA College, Tiago Mascarenhas, who is also a fighter and jiu-jitsu practitioner, revealed that the course was one of his goals to encourage athletes to attend international competitions: “Language is an instrument of social segregation. By mastering the English language, athletes will be included in conversations and will have more contact with other competitors and academies”.

English in competitions

Tiago, who also recently returned from a jiu-jitsu competition in Paris, stressed the importance of speaking English during his days there: “the whole world speaks English. You need to get around, talk, and network wherever you are. In the world of sports, it is no different. Mastering the language even helps you understand rules and talk to the judge”.

Start right now

To take the English for jiu-jitsu course, you need to enrol at SEDA College Online, and even if you are a beginner in the language, within the platform you will find English courses from basics to advanced, for you to learn from greetings to even how to maintain a dialogue in English.

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The SEDA College Online platform also has English courses for professionals and even a complete Spanish course. In addition to live classes every week to answer questions and practice speaking. To access the platform and subscribe to your plan, click here.