SEDA College launches student satisfaction report

Escola de inglês na Irlanda

SEDA College has completed the student satisfaction report and the results are very optimistic and satisfactory. According to the document, most students seem satisfied with the learning progress and there is general satisfaction with the teaching standard.

SEDA students seem to be mostly satisfied. Of the 378 responses to the google form, the percentages show that we have a predominantly happy campus.

Google Classroom is actively used in many classes to share materials electronically and communicate more effectively with students.

Students praised the teachers and staff, saying they were fantastic. There were equal comments for and against frequent teacher switching.

Students were also asked if they would recommend SEDA college to other students, and on a scale of 0 to 10, 8 was the most voted.

Around 75% of students said they use Google Classroom and that the tool helps them learn. Students also expressed a desire to have more interactive classes, using the Kahoot game, for example.

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When the subject was “extra classes”, the 3 most cited classes were grammar, exams and listening.

In addition to the topics mentioned above, students also raised opinions on:

Additional work on incorporating Learning Objectives into Teaching and Learning practices

Encourage more communicative activities in the classroom: more writing and speaking activities

Promote cross-class activities to encourage student engagement and facilitate the transfer of best practices among teachers

Focus on the importance of providing feedback and including error correction as a core teaching practice

Further, develop the ICT teaching skills and teaching practices of the teaching staff

Ensuring class exits have an explicit learning objective

SEDA was also grateful in many ways and many students informed us that everything was going very well for them.

 Some great recommendations were given, like a book club, celebrating graduation days, doing activities with another class, more extra classes and some about sports days. There are some negative reviews, but they are from the lowest percentage.

SEDA College appreciates the participation of students and expresses its happiness to be part of the positive growth and learning of our students.