SEDA College launch beauty school

SEDA College is always thinking about how to prepare students for the best experience in their exchange, and one adversity that they face the most is when they are looking for jobs. Most of the students are graduates, used to work in big companies, but when they arrive here in Ireland, their visas only allow them to engage in some types of jobs, excluding the possibilities to engage in any business.

In order to get our students ready for the job market, we created the SEDA College beauty school. We are going to offer a course of manicure, pedicure, hair style, barber, masseuse and so many more. The classes are going to be at night, so this way the exchange students won’t be affected. Any person that wants to participate it’s allowed. 

Note that to have the permission to work in Ireland, the exchange student must have the course of 8 months, which allows 20 hours of work per week, and 40 hours per week during the summer. 

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