SEDA College is participating  of LGBTQ+ Pride  this month 

Ireland was the first country in Europe known as a tolerant country and in terms of respect for the LGBTQ+ community, being called “vanguard of social change” when approved the same-sex marriage on a national level by popular vote. Also transgender people in Ireland can self-declare their gender for the purpose of updating documents and  getting married since 1993.

To celebrate all the rights that they conquered, and also to create awareness of the importance of sharing love and respect,  in June, Dublin will hold the LGBTQ+ Pride Parade, and SEDA College is going to participate  with many activities in the school as well.

Our activities will be:

09/06 – LGBTQ+ Sport Club (4:30pm)

ADAM KANE AND RICHIE FAGAN: Captain of Devils Soccer Club.

16/06 – Behind the Costume: (Drag-queen performance) Student Lounge – 4:30 pm

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22/06 – Tie Dye Workshop (5:30 pm)

A TIE DYE workshop will be held where students will be taught to make their colour-vintage style shirts, and they can use them in the PARADE where SEDA will be participating as LGBTQ+ College support.


SEDA will be the first English school to participate in the Parade in Dublin, Ireland as an English school supporting; this will refer to the commitment that we have as an organisation toward the LGBTQ+ community, and that is our mission as a school is to offer experiences in which the student can function in a safe, healthy, fun and educational environment where your preferences don’t limit their opportunities, we know this could be a limitation of their personal and professional development. 

On Saturday, June 25th, the Pride Parade 2022 will take place after two years of not physically commemorating this great event for the Irish and International LGBTQ+ community, where you can describe Ireland’s development in terms of tolerance and respect for the LGBTQ+ community. 

This time, SEDA College will be part of this great event, inviting all students to participate in this activity to support LGBTQ+ with love, respect, and solidarity.

We expect you there!