“Molly Malone” gives the name to a traditional Irish song, which tells the story of a beautiful fish and seafood seller, who walks the streets of Dublin and attracts the admiring looks, but there is much more behind this story! Get to know Molly Malone and her superstition!

The character is considered by many as an invention, part of the Irish folklore. Others think that Molly Malone really existed, but that she was not actually selling mussels. And a “woman of the streets”, because of the way she is portrayed in a famous statue in Dublin: breasts full in a generous neckline.

The monument was created by Jeanne Rynhart in bronze in 1988, commemorating the first millennium of Dublin. Due to the character’s characterization, unfortunately, the statue was given a derogatory nickname: “the tart with the cart”, meaning “the promiscuous woman with the cart”.

Fish seller or not, what really matters is that the music shows the strong stance and the hard work of Molly Malone, who by a misfortune of life, ends up dying due to a fever. The song also tells that despite her death, the beautiful character continues to walk the streets of the town and shouting “cockles and mussels”.


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Although they are not sure if Molly Malone really existed, June te 13th is all hers. The date was claimed through a petition made by the population, because there was an Irish woman with this name, that died that day, in 1699.

A detail about the music is that the letter was found in Cambridge, in the United States, in the year 1833, with no indication of the author. “Cockles and Mussels” has been sung by the clients of several pubs in Dublin, it is also recorded and performed by several Irish bands, such as The Dubliners.

Regardless of any other aspect, Molly Malone still lives in the imaginary of the Irish people and attracts thousands of tourists who visit the statue. People also believe that touching Molly Malone’s breast, they will attract good luck.

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