Get to know the infrastructure of SEDA College in Dublin

For those who want to study in Ireland, they should consider what an English school has to offer for its students. So get to know the infrastructure of SEDA College in Dublin! In 2012, SEDA College changed its address to a 14,000 m² building on Capel Street in the heart of Dublin. (Get to know everything about SEDA’s location by clicking here). After the change, the infrastructure of the school has become a highlight. The building has three floors and right after the entrance you can find the school reception, where students can ask for information, ask questions and request some documents.
There are about 30 classrooms in the school with computers, speakers, and a projector or a television. – READ MORE: Get to know the differentials of SEDA College
A very nice area for the students is the Student Lounge with sofas, a canteen, a kitchen area with microwaves, a sink, some electric kettles, an area with some tables, some computers and a printer.
The site is great for relaxing before and between classes and meeting new people. Some extra classes and also some film sessions are held there. CHECK OUT OTHER HIGHLIGHTS OF SEDA COLLEGE’S INFRASTRUCTURE:
  • A lift for disabled people;
  • 20 bathrooms in total all around the school;
  • Water machines on every floor;
  • An office for the academic team;
  • Student support offices in different languages.
Come and enjoy everything that SEDA College has to offer. Contact us! – Do you want to learn English online with native speakers? Check our online platform and go for it! 

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