Get to know and enjoy SEDA College’s student lounge

We already wrote an article here about the differentials of our school, however, what about getting to know a little bit more about our Student Lounge? Check out below. SEDA’s lounge is a student place where it’s possible to relax, get to know new people and exchange experiences. The couches make the environment very cozy and the arcade game is a highlight. The students can have snacks between their classes and also have lunch. In order to make it easier, there’s a kitchen area with a microwave, an electric kettle, and a sink. The canteen is another option for the students, with some snacks and drinks for sale. – READ MORE: GET TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THE LOCATION OF SEDA COLLEGE IN DUBLIN – There are some computers and a printer that help those who need to edit and print some papers, update their CV or just spend some time on the internet. Some extra classes are also held in the Student Lounge such as food workshops, dance classes, movie sessions. Check out below a video of 2018 Chinese New Year celebration that happened in the lounge.
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