From scratch to exchange 5 tips for you to get your plans off the ground!

Do zero ao intercâmbio

How to go from scratch to exchange? Surely you’ve already asked yourself this question. Even though, there is a great myth that only those who have a lot of money can spend time outside Brazil.

The truth is that with planning you can get your dream off the ground. That’s right, doing an exchange is not as difficult as it seems or as you’ve been told.

And to help you in this endeavour, we have separated 5 tips for you to go from scratch to exchange this year. Want to know how? Come with us.

1 – From scratch to exchange: make the decision

If you really want to spend time outside Brazil: make the decision. If you keep putting it off, creating excuses, there will always be reasons why you can’t get your plans off the ground.

It should be noted that making a decision is not simply closing an exchange package on impulse. Far from it. It’s you knowing what you want and starting to make the universe conspire in your favour.

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As? Researching the most accessible countries, the agencies with the best conditions, and the schools that offer scholarships, among other relevant aspects.

2 – Talk to someone who has lived this experience

This is a somewhat obvious tip, but still very current. If you want to do an exchange, talk to someone who has already gone through this experience.

The person will minimize the challenges and show you that there are countless possibilities to split your ticket, find cheaper accommodations and study. Anyway, it’s a way to feel encouraged.

If you want to know some basic rules about exchange be sure to check out this video we made 👇

3 – From scratch to exchange: create your purpose

Another no less important point that you need to understand is to put your purpose on the table and evaluate the best ways to get there.

Do you want to work abroad?

Just want to study?

Do you intend to live a while away or a lifetime?

When these questions are answered, they can provide important guidance for you to find your life’s purpose.

4 – Make a good financial plan

Now, therefore, is the time to put all the expenses on the tip of the pencil. Evaluate the price of the air ticket, the value of the exchange and how much will be the monthly cost of living.

The more judicious your planning, the less unforeseen you will face. So spend a lot of time doing it. And if possible, ask for help from someone who has lived outside Brazil.

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5 – See what documents are required

Finally, check for the documentary requirements in the destination country. Some may even ask for a health plan for you to join.

In the case of Ireland, the exchange is simpler, as you can arrive in the country without a visa and then go after it there since the tourist can spend 90 days there.

Of course, going with all the documentation in order makes your life a lot easier to study and even work. Ah, finally, try to buy your ticket at least 6 months in advance before boarding.

Now that you know how to go from scratch to exchange, don’t waste time and start chasing your dreams. Also, enjoy and share this article with your friends on your social networks.