First steps after you land in Ireland!

desembarcar na Irlanda

You left Brazil and fulfilled the longed-for dream of living in Ireland. You landed in the country and here comes that question: what now? Where do I start?

Calm down, breathe and let’s go!

We know how the first days in a different country are really turbulent, and that’s why we’ve separated below the first steps you need to take when arriving abroad. Check out!

1 – Buy a SIM card in Ireland

The first thing to do as soon as you land in Ireland is to buy a phone chip. Do not forget that.

After all, you will need a number in the country to make calls in an emergency. And keeping your number in Brazil will cost you a lot more. In addition, if it is prepaid, you will not even be able to recharge it.

2 – Get your Leap Card

On the first day you are in the country, go and get your Leap Card. You can do this online or at some accredited stores.

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This is the card that entitles you to discounts for public transport, as well as in restaurants and snack bars in the country. The longer you take to take it off, the higher your cost of living will be.

3 – Open a bank account

Opening a bank account is another thing you have to do as soon as possible once you land in Ireland. Especially because it’s very dangerous to walk around with money.

You can find options in the country for both traditional banks and digital banks, so you will be much calmer when it comes to paying your bills, without the need to carry large sums in your pocket.

4 – Look for a job

It’s not because you just arrived in Ireland that you won’t get a job. Therefore, you can take advantage of the first few days to go after a job.

Especially because the Stamp 2 visa makes it possible to work up to 20 hours a week. And one of the job options that you can get even without having fluent English is Cleaner.

5 – Find an accommodation

Usually, when you arrive in Ireland, the first place you should stay is a hostel. But then it is possible to find other more affordable accommodations.

So talk to the people you’ll start to relate to, see at your school if there’s anyone wanting to share a room, and find accommodation to stay in.

The faster you find someone to share an apartment or a house with, the less you will spend on accommodation on your exchange.

Now that you already know what to do when you land in Ireland, just take a breath and follow the step-by-step that we separated above.

Ah, enjoy and share this article with all your friends on your social networks and help spread this information.