Find out how to work as a Barista in Ireland

trabalhar como barista na Irlanda

Did you know that during your exchange you can work as a barista in Ireland? Well, for those who like to have contact with the public, this is a good opportunity to earn money during your stay in Ireland.

It should be noted that there are some courses that help you find employment in this area more easily in Dublin. In fact, here in Brazil, there are also courses for baristas.

So, if you want to work in this profession, you can take a course even before embarking on the exchange. But the idea is to leave it to take the course there, and let’s talk about why.

After all, what does a Barista do?

Before talking about the possibility of working as a Barista in Dublin, it is necessary to know what, after all, a barista does. In short, he prepares coffee, makes snacks, helps with the cashier and even helps to clean the place.

It all depends a lot on the establishment itself. It’s a pretty cool job for those who like to deal with the public, and depending on where they’re going to work, even spend their nights in a pleasant atmosphere in Ireland.

It is certain that you will be working, but for those who like the movement, it is exciting. Furthermore, it helps a lot to train your English, as you will have constant contact with other people.

How to work as a Barista in Ireland?

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While many businesses in Ireland don’t require it, you increase your chances of working in the area when you take a barista course there.

Do you know why? Because you get job referrals from the teacher himself. Oh, and to take the course in the country it is not necessary to have a minimum level of English.

However, you need to be aware that you will have to communicate. Therefore, most establishments will require at least an intermediate knowledge of the student to work.

Demand is very high in Dublin

The good thing about taking the barista course is that the demand to work in the area, both in coffee shops and restaurants, is very high.

To give you an idea, those who usually take the course do not stop receiving job offers. Generally speaking, there are many more job offers than available labour to work with.

There are even Facebook groups like “Dublin Coffee Jobs” where you can find job openings frequently. So, if there’s one thing that’s not lacking, it works for baristas.

Is it worth working as a Barista in Ireland?

This is not one of the best-paying professions in the country. However, it is a good alternative for those who need to earn money to pay the costs. So, in that sense, it’s worth it.

And depending on your training and knowledge, as you improve your English, you can migrate to other areas. Nothing prevents you from starting working as a barista and then moving on to another profession.

And, as we said, there is no shortage of places to work in the country. Liked? So please share with all your friends on social media and help us spread the knowledge.