Dublin or Cork? 4 points to help you in the decision!

Cork ou Dublin

One of the main doubts many people who want to study abroad in Ireland have is which destination to choose: Dublin or Cork?

This is a very pertinent question, after all, both cities are beautiful by nature. No wonder Ireland is affectionately known as the Emerald Isle.

And for you who are in doubt between Dublin or Cork, we have separated 4 points below that will help you in the decision. Come with us!


1 – Dublin or Cork? Population!


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Here we are going to talk about a curiosity that you certainly don’t know: Dublin has a smaller territorial extension than Cork. I didn’t know about this right?

Yeah, but despite Dublin being smaller in the territory, the city has a population of 1.5 million people, while Cork has only 300,000 inhabitants.

So, if you want to live in a busier location, Dublin is the destination for you. If your idea is a quieter place, but still with nightlife for no one to fault, your place in Cork.


2 – Cost of Living


Life in Cork is approximately 14% cheaper than in Dublin. One of the points that most contribute to this economy is undoubtedly accommodation.

Also, housing conditions are better in Cork, after all, the price you would pay for a single space in the city would be the same as sharing a room in Dublin.

So if your budget is tighter don’t think twice, go to Cork. If you can afford it and want to live in the capital for a while, head to Dublin.


3 – Dublin or Cork? Irish Culture!


Both cities have a cultural immersion for anyone to miss. In both cities, you will have an experience that you would never have in Brazil.

But it is important to say that Dublin is a more cosmopolitan city. What does that mean? There are many people and tourists there, and you may have less contact with natives.

Therefore, for those who want to experience the local culture a little more, Cork may be more suitable. For those who wish to have a surreal experience with tourists from all over the world, go to Dublin.

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4 – Lifestyle


The lifestyle is really quite different between the two cities. After all, Cork breathes a little more tranquillity, while Dublin has a faster pace.

There are people who don’t easily adapt to a more peaceful city, while others find it more difficult to live in a metropolis.

So, if you are that person more connected to tranquillity, your destination is Cork, if you like a lot of action, don’t think twice and go to Dublin.

You have seen that in Ireland there is no shortage of options. Whether for those who want to have a more peaceful life or for those who want to live. It’s up to you to make the decision.

So tell us in the comments: Dublin or Cork? Which of these two cities will be your exchange destination in Ireland? Oh, and don’t forget to share this article with all your friends on your social networks.