Discover the story of Vanessa Melo: a student who became CEO of SEDA Online

Vanessa Melo is currently the CEO of SEDA College Online, responsible for successful info product launches and planning. But let’s see where it all started?

Vanessa was born in Manaus – Amazonas, and like most Brazilians comes from humble origins. With her father a motorcycle courier and her mother a housewife, Vanessa studied her entire life in public school, but she always knew that education could transform her future.

After entering business school, Vanessa got an internship at an educational institution, and that’s when her life began to change.

Vanessa fell in love with the education sector and saw the power that teaching has in people’s lives. Ready, now knowing her area of ​​expertise, and despite being in a great professional moment, she left her job and went to fulfil an old dream: embarked on his long-awaited exchange.

successful exchange

Vanessa planned an exchange, but not only that, she wanted to have an experience in her area abroad: “I always liked having a stable life, having a good job, riding in my car, and being able to spend the weekend with my family. Unquestionably, having to give up this stability to face the new and unknown has always made me very afraid”, he reveals.

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And so, in 2017, he embarked for Ireland, more precisely in the city of Dublin. The current CEO of SEDA College Online did not imagine the challenges she would face during her dream, but it was these challenges that strengthened her and made her fight even more for what she believed.

She was a cleaning assistant, a chambermaid, she also worked collecting cans at shows, all very different from her reality in Brazil, but her intuition and determination always spoke louder, and she knew that that situation was temporary. “For me, it was very difficult to enter my area, I had to receive some no and fight a lot after the yes. I started looking for some school managers here in Ireland through LinkedIn, I got in touch with some, but I wasn’t very successful because they weren’t hiring when I looked for them, so I continued my life as a cleaner”, says the CEO.

It was then that he saw his opportunity to enter an educational institution in Dublin, through sales. Vanessa didn’t think twice: she applied, went to the company and offered her services for free, if she didn’t reach the goal they wanted, she would leave. Bold? Yes. For the same job, thousands of people had applied, it needed to get attention somehow.

And she did, she was chosen to work as an exchange consultant at SEDA College, and because of her excellent performance in her job, she was asked to take the lead in SEDA College Online, which was just a support project for the school.

From exchange student to CEO

Thanks to her initiative and effort, Vanessa rose to another position within the educational group. First as an online course coordinator, and due to her unrivalled planning and performance, she assumed the position of CEO of SEDA College Online.

And since then, many challenges have been faced, such as product improvements, creating a quality standard to keep up with other sectors of SEDA, planning and launching of info products, and also managing the SEDA College Online team remotely, as the creative and the Content production platform are based in Dublin.

But with a lot of commitment and determination, the CEO achieved expressive results: she transformed the SEDA College Online platform into a very successful online product!

And even after 12 years in the education area, Vanessa still has bold goals for the platform, but she explains here what drives her: “Transforming people’s reality with education is my biggest motivation. My daily struggle is to democratize access to English language teaching in Brazil”, says the CEO.