4 reasons why you should not give up on an exchange in Ireland

Intercâmbio na Irlanda

How many times have you thought about giving up the exchange program in Ireland? Whether due to lack of money, or even fear of facing a new world.

Other than that, we still have to deal with people’s negativity. After all, those who don’t dream like you don’t have the same convictions, and believe that their desire is nothing more than mere madness.

But be resilient. Fighting for what you believe in is not easy. And to help you not give up on the exchange in Ireland, we have separated the 4 reasons below. Check out.

1 – You will rise professionally after the exchange in Ireland

The first reason for you not to give up is to think that when you return to Brazil you will get a much better job. Keep this in mind.

You are going to study there. You will live daily with other people speaking English, and this will give you fluency in the language. Remember how many jobs you lost for not being fluent in English?

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So think about it. As much as it seems like a crazy dream, it will bring long-term financial returns. So go ahead.

2 – Your worldview will be much bigger

Another good reason not to give up is that your worldview will expand. You will meet people from the four corners of the planet on the exchange.

Apart from that, you will have the opportunity to discover medieval architectures that have transcended the centuries. Something you would never see in Brazil. It’s a new world that opens up in front of you.

When you return to the country, you will see life with different eyes. You will understand that there are many different points of view and this will give you more security from now on.

3 – You will have many opportunities in the exchange program in Ireland

Even if your intention is to return to Brazil, know that many opportunities open up in the exchange program in Ireland. After all, you are in a first-world country.

Many Brazilians who go there never come back. Not that this is the case for you, but a lot can happen in a year.

You can meet someone and fall in love, discover a highly promising talent and market, or even find your place in the sun in some other European country.

So despite the butterflies in your stomach, don’t give up on what you want. Rest assured that you will have a great long-term reward.

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4 – Your self-confidence increases

Finally, by living for a year in a country where you don’t know anyone, you will become more independent and self-reliant. Many things you will do alone.

And making decisions with no one to turn to increases our security. Even companies value exchange students precisely because they have more confidence in making decisions.

So it’s not just your English that will improve, it’s your own behavioural skills. And that’s one reason you don’t give up on your dream.

Now you have plenty of reasons not to get discouraged. So just go ahead and embark on your dream. Liked? Enjoy and share with all your friends on your social networks.