Why are language school certifications so important?

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Would you consult with a doctor who hasn’t gone to college or one who hasn’t prepared for the profession? Would you put your problems in the hands of a lawyer who isn’t licensed to practice law? So why would you do that when choosing an English school in Ireland?


Certifications for an English language school in Ireland are crucial to direct the future of your exchange, avoiding scams and avoiding frustrations during one of the most important periods of your life.

After many years of trouble, particularly with English schools in the country, the Irish government has become increasingly demanding with the institutions within its borders. Therefore, it has implemented specific licenses and certifications that, in addition to defining whether a language school is able to offer a specific course, these certifications also define what these courses are.

From this, the famous Interim List of Eligible Programs (ILEP) List was created. It documents all schools eligible by the government to issue study visas in Ireland to their students. Are you researching which school to study? A visit to this link is more than mandatory.

The list is updated at least twice a year and was last updated at this time in June 2019. You can download the list here or access the Department of Justice and Equality website via this link.

Since the latest changes to immigration rules, the Irish government has been conducting oversight at accredited educational institutions and has sought to keep students up to date on who is or who is not within compliance with the regulations.


ALL schools listed in the above links have these things in common:

  • Maximum load of 15 students per class;
  • Qualification of proven and documented faculty;
  • They had to comply with the new Learner Protection criterion, which ensures that the student will not be harmed in case of any adversity.


How is SEDA College different? Well, besides being on the ILEP list, the school has other certifications that ensure students can expect a high-level educational course.

  • ACELS Certification – the highest quality certification for English language schools in Ireland;
  • In 2014, SEDA College got EAQUALS (Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Language Schools) – another prestigious certification within the English language field.

In addition, it is ISO 9001 certified. This is a quality management system standard that is awarded to organizations worldwide, and SEDA College has also been named the Best Language School three times by the Education Stars website.

Why are you waiting for to join us? Come study at SEDA College!

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