The month of St. Valentine in SEDA College

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February is finished and it is always good to remember how it was the month of St. Valentine in SEDA College. It is true that we had loads of activities for the students to appreciate and improve their English skills, but the fact is that we were also concerned with how we could manage these activities in the most playful way as possible in order to draw their attention. Let’s check them out:

German classes:

As usual, every month we bring a different language, just to support the students to start learning another one besides English. This time the chosen language was German. Initially, the students would have to lose their fear of the German language, because many people think that it is impossible to learn it if you are not in a German-speaking country. So basically the students had access to the alphabet, the numbers, grammatical questions such as the indefinite article and the definite article and also some expressions in German, such as “Prost”, “Prima” and “Das ist super”. Check out the photos below:

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Valentine’s Day Party:

Of course, we wouldn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate. SEDA Valentine’s Day party was a success. The students enjoyed a lot and it was important to start the rest of the activities that were to come.

Chinese New Year:

In addition to St. Valentine, February is also an important date for the Chinese because that is when they celebrate their New Year. Each year they bring a different animal as a symbol. This year was the year of the dog. We had typical foods and drinks and also had some presentations. It was amazing!

Art Workshop:

Besides the St Valentine feeling that was in the air, the students had a specific class to express their artful side.

Valentine’s Box and Letters:

As it is traditional, the students were able to write a letter to their valentines. The box was available at the reception throughout the month. It was a very good opportunity to show how special someone was to you.

The month of St. Valentine in SEDA College was really a very special month. Stay tuned, because March comes with even more new activities. Now, welcome St. Patrick’s month.

See you!

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