Top tips for mature students coming to study abroad

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Do not be afraid of the challenge

Mature students are known to be a lot more focussed on their study goals than their younger colleagues. It is usually the mature students who work hardest at class. They like to study and enjoy more of what the new country has to offer. The result is the rapid absorption of the language and a greater cultural immersion.


Be open to meeting people

Making new friends can be daunting at any age. Away from family and friends, we all fear loneliness. However, those who are open to meet other people, will soon make great friends. Dublin is always full of people of different nationalities who are also looking to expand their network of friends.


Be ready to give up some of the comforts

You need to expect changing the car for the bus or walking, for example. The comfort levels aren’t the same, but on the other hand the benefits to the environment and to your health are pretty obvious. Not to mention the chance to experience the sights of the new city. The same applies to the comforts of home – your student accommodation probably will not be as cosy as your house. But sometimes, it is all worth giving it up!


Originally published in SEDA News

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