The importance of conversation classes

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Speaking is definitely the most difficult skill people have to come across when they are learning a new language. Sometimes native speakers or even classmates bring up some topics we are not used to talking very often and it might bother us a lot when the words just don’t come up. Basically, that is the reason why we offer our students a weekly conversation class because we understand that fluency is nothing but practicing. Go for it!

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Every Tuesday and Thursday you can find conversation classes at 4:30 pm. The reason why we have several conversation classes is because of the importance of practicing your speaking. The students usually have two hours of classes a day, which will never be enough to learn a new language, so going to this kind of activity will make the fluency process more enjoyable and even faster.

The advantages you can get from this class are:

– Firstly you can make friends. Different students are going as well and you will be surrounded by new people;
– You will improve your fluency and also feel more confident every time you have the chance to speak;
– The teacher is always changing the topic. You will learn both from the teacher and the other students;
– Finally, you will have the opportunity to increase your vocabulary.

Besides all of this, you will have so much fun because our conversation classes are famous for being interactive and ludic as well. That is why we invite you to come to this activity and also to all of our extra classes, such as grammar and pronunciation that are especially for our students, to help them to develop their English skills.


Remember every Tuesday and Thursday of the month at 4:30 pm. Just come and participate. Grab the chance to improve your fluency.

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