5 reasons why you should study abroad during your holidays

Do you want to study abroad? Are you planning to attend an exchange program during your holidays at work or college? Let us explain the benefits of our program. In addition to being fully [...]

5 important documents for an exchange program in Ireland

During an exchange program in Ireland, there are some things that are essential in a student’s life. Check out a list of five important documents that will make life easier for exchange [...]

SEDA College: 10 years of growth and reference in English education in Ireland

Inaugurated in 2009, SEDA College welcomes students who aim to learn English abroad. In August 2019, the institution celebrates 10 years of fulfilling its mission to provide quality teaching and [...]

Are you prepared to live in Ireland? Find out here

Forget money, the approval of your parents or work, there are other aspects to take into account if you want to live in Ireland, and these are much more important than all the other steps. As you [...]

20 reasons to study at SEDA College

There are several English schools in Dublin, that’s fact. But what should you take into account when choosing yours? If you are in this stage of the exchange, here are 20 reasons to study [...]

SEDA College launches a sexual health campaign

In partnership with HSE Ireland (Health Service Executive), SEDA College has launched a sexual health campaign to raise awareness among students of the risks we face when we engage in sexual [...]


The exchange program in Ireland also means venturing into a new language, since many students have never, or very little, studied English in their home countries. For this reason, learn more [...]

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