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November is coming with its cold temperatures and also with loads activities. Apart from the traditional ones like Conversation, Pronunciation, Writing and Grammar classes, this time we bring you some new ones. Check them out below and make the most of these classes. Winter is coming and let’s warm up our English with the best extra activities.

Check out below the activities of November:

Phrasal Verbs Class:

 Look after, move on, speak up are all examples of very useful phrasal verbs that we have to come across sometimes whenever we are talking to native speakers or advanced leveled students. For this reason, we are bringing a class especially for all the students who want to learn the most important phrasal verbs. It will happen on Thursday the 01st at 4:30 pm in room 13.

Arabic Class:

Arabic is such a charming language with its incredible alphabet and pronunciation. So now its time to have a class for that. Come and learn as much as you can. This class will take place on Friday the 2nd and the 16th at 4:30 pm in room 14.

English For Academic Purposes:

Some people are thinking about applying for colleges in Ireland, so for this reason, we are bringing a class specifically for this purpose. They will happen on Friday the 2nd and the 9th of November at 4:30 pm in room 13.


CV Class:

This class is also very tradition on SEDA’s extra activities calendar, however, due to the great demand, we are bringing two CV classes this time. The first one will take place on Friday the 9th and the 30th at 4:30 pm in room 26.

Jewelry Making Workshop:

Nice jewelries are awesome, aren’t they? Women love to wear them. So, how about having a class to teach you how to make some nice ones and also the name of the stones and all the materials to make some nice jewelries. So this is the perfect chance for you. This workshop will happen on Wednesday the 14th and the 21st at 4:30 pm in room 26.

Spanish Course:

Arabic is the language of this month, however we are having a mini Spanish course for those who want to learn the language. The classes are supposed to follow a sequence of three months and they will be one-hour long. So you will have the opportunity to have a private Spanish teacher during a while. Don’t miss out on this chance. The classes will take place on Thursday the 15th and the 22nd at 4:30 pm in room 14.

Drawing and Painting Workshop:

For those who like arts and crafts or who want to learn how to draw and paint, this is your chance. This workshop will take place on Friday the 16th at 4:30 pm in room 13. Come and show us your art!

Chinese Food Workshop:

Chinese food is appreciated worldwide for its unique taste and quality. For this reason, we decided to bring a Workshop especially for that. This time a Chinese cook and chef will lead the class and surely it will be awesome. This workshop will happen on Friday the 23rd at 4:30 pm in the Lounge. Sign up your names on the list because we have only 15 spaces.

Creative Writing Workshop:

For those who want to improve their writing, this is a very good opportunity for you. On Tuesday the 27th, we will have a creative writing workshop and it will be very helpful for those who are applying for colleges and also for IELTS. This class will be at 4:30 pm in room 13.

Writing Contest:

In order to push our students to write more in English, we will have a Writing Contest on Friday the 30th at 4:30 pm in room 14. In this contest, the students are meant to write an essay about something they like and the best one will get some prizes. We will write more about this contest here on the blog, so stay tuned and go for it.

Check November’s activities calendar here.

So, we hope you enjoy the activities of November and make sure to be prepared for even colder temperatures because winter is coming. See you!

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