SEDA Football World Cup: time to show off your skills

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Boys and girls, if you like playing soccer, this is your chance to show off your skills, because SEDA Football World Cup is coming. Call up your friends, join a team, wear your soccer boots and go for it. The tournaments will take place on the 30th of June and it will be from 10 am to 3 pm. Check the information below:


How does it work?

The first thing to point out is that boys and girls will play different tournaments. So girls don’t be afraid of getting hurt by the lads. You will be playing against girls as well. And boys, of course, will play against boys. It will be inclusive but it will also be fair.

The teams will face one another in the knockout stage and whichever loses, will be eliminated. So, the champion can’t lose a single match. This rule is for both male and female tournaments.

How many teams in the tournament?

The male tournament can have 8 teams maximum and the female tournament can have 4 teams maximum.

How many players per team?

The teams will be formed by 5 outfield players and one goalkeeper. So, people can form teams of six and eight players. Each team can have two subs.

How is the pitch?

The pitch is made of artificial grass in an indoor football complex.

What to wear?

The place has its own equipment, so there is no need to buy uniforms, as long as you want it and the rest of the team agrees. People should not wear soccer boots with studs. It should be completely flat. Runners are also accepted.

What is the deadline to register? 

Technically you will have until the 29th of June to register, but it can be dangerous because you may not find a team with one available spot for you. So jog on as fast as you can and find a team for you.

So guys, this is it. Try to find people to join your team and go for it. In case you don’t find enough people in your classroom to form a team, you can email or Join and enjoy SEDA Football World Cup. Make sure you will have a good time. Check out the video below and get inspired. See you soon!