SEDA applies Artificial Intelligence to language learning

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Voted Ireland’s best English language school for three years in a row*, SEDA College is now pushing new limits by applying Artificial Intelligence to language tuition. The latest Machine Learning technologies will be put to work helping SEDA students reach English proficiency fast.

The idea behind SEDA’s AI project is simple. Before enrolling for a course students will do some tests that will assess their English skills in five key areas:

– Reading
– Speaking
– Listening
– Writing
– Use of Grammar.

Targeted  materials

The results will feed into a cutting edge Machine Learning engine built for the school by a team of developers. Next, the engine will identify the applicants’ strengths and weaknesses (down to pronunciation mistakes!). It will then provide highly targeted materials to improve their skills fast.

Here is a video showing how this will all work:

SEDA’s AI engine is now in the final stages of development. Anyone – not just prospective students – can go ahead and try it out. So are you interested in letting SEDA’s AI guide you in your English learning journey? If you are, or if you just want to get more information on the project, then don’t hesitate to contact us on !


* According to a poll conducted by the Swiss-based Education Stars organisation.