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Free language classes are one of the many extra activities that we offer to our SEDA students. We offer them in a range of different languages from Spanish to Russian, and even Irish! Learning a new language is not easy, that is why we want you to do it in an unique and unexpected way.

koreanOur last set of classes were Korean so we will use it as an example. When our students attended this class, they were taught in English. While they were trying to understand what the Korean alphabet mean, they forgot about English and their minds were focused on learning Korean. However, at the same time their brains were processing the information in English.

Reasons to take part
  1. Learning a foreign language is good exercise for your brain
  2. It helps develop your multitasking skills
  3. It improves your memory
  4. You will learn about another culture

There are so many benefits! Isn’t this great! Come to our extra activities and find out the benefits for yourself. We give you all the tools to improve your English, you just have to give yourself a chance!




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