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Cindy Marquina, Team PR Reilly

Cindy Marquina“I did my internship with Team PR Reilly from February to May this year. I applied for an internship with SEDA’s free internship programme in January and in less than a month they found me an internship in my area. After my internship with Team PR Reilly I was offered a job with the company.

Team PR Reilly is Ireland’s largest distributor of car parts and they have a busy office in North Dublin where I worked. My duties were raising purchase orders, processing claims from suppliers, making stock adjustments and stock transfers, posting invoices and credits and looking after the filing system.

I got good support when I was settling into my internship role. Actually I worked next to my supervisor, so it was very easy to communicate with her. Overall I felt very welcome and I got adequate support from colleagues every time that I needed it.

The internship was really helpful for my career, I learned many new process and I obtained new skills. One of the skills I learned was managing a large company’s records in the Excel tool. I think the internship was very helpful from the language point of view as well. I was able to practice my English every day and the work experience helped me improve it.

I would absolutely recommend Team PR Reilly to other interns and I am glad to say the internship with them corresponded to my expectations. It was a great experience”.

Originally published in SEDA News


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