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Just like having access to the internet on cellphones in your home country, it wouldn’t be different while you are in Ireland. However, it is necessary to get to know a little bit more about the mobile phone operators in the Emerald Isle and get to your destination informed about the available plans.

In addition to communicating internationally, you will need a plan that will allow local communication as well. Over time, you will make many friendships and you will also need to talk to them. When booking a movie, going to a party or when visiting a pub, you will need to have access to the internet.


1. LycaMobile – It’s one of the most used operators by Brazilians since it allows international calls with lower charges. The offer for internet services has also some very attractive values, with internet plans starting from 5 euro.

2. Three Mobile – It offers unlimited high-speed internet access, such as 3G or 4G. The charges for international or local calls are often higher than the competition. However, if you usually use the data connection to make connections through applications, this can be your ideal operator, since it offers several advantages for those who have this user profile. In addition, it is possible to share your internet from the mobile to the computer and there are also plans that enable the purchase of new mobiles.

3. Vodafone – It’s the second largest phone operator in the world, and it’s also the best-known operator in several other countries. The quality of the internet 4G is one of the differentials of the operator, being well above the competition in terms of speed and coverage. However, the amounts charged are much higher.

4. Meteor – It’s a mobile operator that usually makes great year-end deals, as well as offering new handsets to the customers who have good plans in the postpaid format. Great for anyone who arrives in Ireland thinking of buying a cell phone.

5. Tesco Mobile – It offers great prices with reduced charges for mobile phones. By topping up small amounts, it is possible to make unlimited calls to any other local operator.

All of the above mobile phone operators offer pre- and post-paid plans, as well as seasonal promotions. Close to the boarding day of your trip, visit the companies’ websites and find out which one has the values that fit your monthly budget and allow you to communicate with friends from Ireland and also from your home country.

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