The Cambridge Exams and the TOEFL

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Most SEDA College students wish to have an international exam under their belts before returning home.  In America, the most heard of name is TOEFL; nevertheless, in the rest of the world as well as in America the Cambridge exams are sought after, required and accepted by many universities and companies. The Cambridge Exams hold worldwide recognition.

Both the Cambridge Exams and the TOEFL are exams that certify and prove your ability to use the language.

We can  not discredit neither…

Are there differences amongst them?  Yes.

One of the greatest differences between the Cambridge Exams and the TOEFL is that the Cambridge System has a graduated set of exams; while, the TOEFL is ONE exam which is taken at the end of your English Language Studies.

Find out how:

The Cambridge system gives you the choice of taking any one of its exams as you go along your English Language learning path.  There are several. They start from an elementary test and go all the way to exams required by universities and/or businesses.

Must you take them all? No.

¿May you take the advanced test without having taken the elementary one? Yes.

The most interesting fact of the Cambridge Exams is that they do not expire.  You have no need of taking them every two years as the TOEFL exam requires.  You take it, you pass it and the certification is yours for life.



The preparation for the Cambridge exams is without doubt one of SEDA College’s main objectives and concerns.

At SEDA College you do not have to wait until you finalize your English Language courses to then go on to take an exam preparation course. At SEDA College, exam prep is permanent and continuous.  Surely it is a unique study proposal.  During your English classes at SEDA College, exam preparation is included and planned within your courses.  Students have 1+ hour daily prep time.  This is included in the curriculum. In addition it offers extra exam prep lessons at no additional cost.  All extra classes are guided and given by an instructor as well.

What better study plan? None… SEDA College is always aware and on top of students’ needs. It offers an integrated and continuous study plan to reach the final and important objective – International Certification.

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