Partnership between SEDA College and Go Up Education forms the first class in the cleaner course

Recently SEDA College in partnership with Go Up Education promoted the cleaner course, and it was a tremendous success among the participants.

The course is an initiative of Go Up Education and aims to direct students to job openings, thus opening up a range of opportunities for them.

In that first class, more than 50% of the students were Brazilian, with the rest being composed of students from other Latin countries, as well as Algerians.

It was such a success that both SEDA College and Go Up Education are already studying the dates for opening new classes in partnership.

First class

As we anticipated, the first class of the cleaner course was a tremendous success. The aim is to prepare students who are doing an exchange program in Ireland for the job market.

As in this first group there were students of more than one nationality, the groups were divided into two classes, in which the classes were taught in English in one, and in Portuguese in the other.

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Gabriela Carrijo, one of the participants in the first group, praised that this was a great experience. She pointed out that she didn’t know anything about the cleaner profession, and that the course made her see the profession with different eyes.

She highlighted that the teachers made her see the process as a whole, and with that she says she is even more prepared to start practicing the profession.

Thiago Nogueira, another student graduated from the first group, says that he was having trouble finding a Cleaner course with a certificate, and that now he is more aware of what it’s really like to work in the area.

The importance of the course for students

One of the biggest difficulties faced by students when going on an exchange program in Ireland is finding a job to support themselves during their stay.

After all, the Stamp 2 visa, which is the most common among exchange students, allows you to work up to 20 hours in the country during the school period, and up to 40 hours during vacations.

Therefore, SEDA, in order to help its students even more, sought to develop this partnership with Go Up Education, and offer this course that is well targeted for the job market.

This first edition was highly praised, and now the students themselves are already recommending the course to their friends. Apparently, the next editions will be even better.

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