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Studying abroad is one way of making the English language learning process easier. During and outside of classes, you will have exercises, conversations, interactions with people from all around the world and also native speakers. However, some additional personal efforts are still needed, especially in terms of correcting your pronunciation and understanding of the English language. For this reason, we listed 8 tips to help you improve your English pronunciation. Check them out!

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– Speak the most difficult words slowly, paying attention to the movements of your mouth that will produce the sounds. Stand in front of a mirror and repeat them. Having the perception of these movements helps to reach the correct pronunciation;

– Read texts aloud, with intonation, paying close attention to everything that you pronounce. This helps in correcting the grammar and also helps reaching the correct pronunciation. The training needs to be daily, with the same text, so that daily progress is measured;

– Watch the same movies, videos, and TV series without subtitles, several times. Your understanding will get better evenly;

– Learn a new word every day, as this encourages you to learn more and more the language. Apply that word in a sentence and pronounce it out loud to get used to the pronunciation;

– If you don’t know how to pronounce a word correctly, search for it! Online dictionaries and mobile apps always have the option of listening to the pronunciation. Listen as many times as necessary and repeat these words.

– Train your ear and also your pronunciation by listening to music. Search the lyrics on the internet and sing along. Try to reproduce the accent and the intonation of the artists in the words you pronounce;

– Practice with a native speaker, talking to him about all sorts of topics. This helps you to expand your vocabulary, helps you to understand the language as a whole, and also improves your pronunciation and intonation;

– Watch channels on Youtube dedicated to giving tips on pronunciation and phonetics of words. Together with the pronunciation of another person and repeating it, facilitates your learning process.

If so, with all these tips and lots of practice, you still notice a certain accent in your English pronunciation, accept it! If it doesn’t disturb communication, there is no problem at all.

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