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The first and the most important purpose of coming to Ireland is to learn and improve our English skills, right? However, some students reach their goals before their time to go back home and they decide to start studying a third language. For this reason, we decided to list 5 language centers for you to learn a third language and show off your skills everywhere you go. Check them out:


Goethe-Institut – 37 Merrion Square Dublin 2

Due to the important role that Germany plays in Europe, the German language became one of the most attractive skills for those who want to show up more competitive in the labor market. In addition, so many different German companies are currently in Ireland and the job opportunities are excellent for those who speak the language. Goethe-Institut has established itself as the most important German language institute. If you want to learn German, Goethe is absolutely the most recommended.

Instituto Cervantes – Lincoln House, 6-16 Lincoln Pl, Dublin 2

Spanish is currently the second most spoken language in the world in terms of native speakers, just being outnumbered by the Chinese language. Some specialists even believe that soon Spanish will replace English and become the world’s official communication language. For this reason, many people are studying Spanish in order to fit the world’s new trends. So, for those who want to learn the language, we strongly recommend Instituto Cervantes because of its very good popularity worldwide.

Alliance Française – 1 Kildare St, Dublin 2

Apart from being a very charming language, French is also very useful for those who want to be engaged in jobs that involve politics and business as well, especially here in Dublin where the telecommunication field is very strong with some French companies. Therefore, those who speak French have a small advantage to get jobs and also visit places like France, Switzerland, Brussels and so many more. For these reasons, youse will have the chance to study at Alliance Française. A very strong institution at teaching French.

Piccola Accademia di Italiano – 1/2 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2, Dublin

Italian is not widely spoken outside Italy, however, some people are applying for the Italian citizenship or for any other personal reason and they have to learn Italian. There’s an Italian school in Dublin called Piccola Accademia di Italiano and it’s not only about learning the language, but the institution is also very connected to some events that involve the Italian culture.

Portuguese Language Center – 9 Lower Abbey St, North City, Dublin

The Brazilian and Portuguese community worldwide is getting bigger and bigger, and the Portuguese language is also getting more popular. Due to cultural or personal reasons, you may want to learn Portuguese. The most recommended place for you is the Portuguese Language Center. The good thing about Portuguese is that you will be able to find many Brazilians and also Portuguese to practice your skills here in Dublin. Go for it!

So, now you have 5 language centers to learn a new language. Upskilling is always a very good option. Remember: SEDA’s extra activities calendar brings a new language every month and you can certify that maybe a third language is what you really need. Come to study with us and make sure you will speak as many other languages as you can.

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