The importance of conversation classes

Speaking is definitely the most difficult skill people have to come across when they are learning a new language. Sometimes native speakers or even classmates bring up some topics we are not used [...]

Current and former students of SEDA College can learn English for free on our online platform

Offering more contact with English for our current students and also for those who are no longer our students: that’s the proposal of SEDA 4 Life, a project which was recently launched by SEDA [...]

SEDA College launches a sexual health campaign

In partnership with HSE Ireland (Health Service Executive), SEDA College has launched a sexual health campaign to raise awareness among students of the risks we face when we engage in sexual [...]

Go beyond English: get to know SEDA Languages

After more than 10 years of experience teaching English to students from all around the world, SEDA College, a leading language school in Dublin, starts a new programme that goes beyond English [...]

SEDA College did a survey with the students; check the results

In May, SEDA College conducted a survey with students on the classes, curriculum, tests, among other topics. In total, 211 students of all levels answered the questionnaire, which the school uses [...]

Summertime: check out SEDA’s June activities calendar

As you may know, in June we are starting the SEDA Jobs Club to help our students find a job in Ireland, so the month starts with some new extra activities. Check out SEDA’s June activities [...]

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