Dublin in 3 days

Texto: Joao Marcos Are you in Dublin? For those who put the capital of the Emerald Island on their backpacker route, came to visit a relative or just want to stay for a while, here is a short [...]


Trinity, Howth, Bray……想必都柏林的同學們是不是早已把愛爾蘭的各大旅遊景點看了個遍?然而想要真正了解一座城市,永遠不是去人最多的地方。停下來,留心那些少有人跡的去處,可能會有不一樣的收獲。 Kilmainham Gaol 這座監獄曾經關押過許多愛爾蘭革命人士,包括1916年愛爾蘭獨立運動的領導者。 [...]

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