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At SEDA College we know that you come to Ireland to have an unforgettable experience so we are here to help you get it! Tonanzin participate in an important workshop that we prepared in SEDA about LinkedIn and because of her outstanding involvement, she won a visit to the LinkedIn offices. We ask her to share her experience so you can get an idea of what kind of experiences we can offer.

Did the experience meet your expectations?

The visit to the LinkedIn office was unique and extraordinary. An enriching morning: I experienced a work environment of excellence, I toured first world facilities, I learned about the activities and goals of each work team, I enjoyed a delicious lunch and I played a good game of pool.

However, the most valuable thing about this experience was to meet great people. LinkedIn people are extremely intelligent, passionate about their work and committed with the company goals.

This experience is one of the most memorable experiences of my life because dream jobs exist, I experienced it on LinkedIn.

I am deeply grateful to SEDA College for giving me the opportunity to participate in the LinkedIn workshop. And I also want to especially thank Sjong Wu, who gave the workshop and organized the visit, a great person, strong inspiration to achieve our dreams.

During the tour, what caught your attention the most?

During the visit I was impressed with the facilities, completely designed to allow people work with fullness. Meeting rooms, cafeterias, rest rooms, gym, dining room, game room,  etc. Facilities that create a happy workplace. And this is evident by LinkedIn people who work joyfully and committed, as a large family

Was there something you did not like?

Yes, It was a shame that I couldn’t stay to start working with such wonderful people in this great company.

How was the treatment of the people?

Every LinkedIn person I had the pleasure to meet, was extremely friendly and warm. They shared their activities and work experiences with me. The most beautiful thing was that everyone encouraged me to start working with them.

What actions will you take after this experience?

First of all, becoming a fluent English speaker studying in SEDA College, because it’s a must for a better personal and professional future. Also, keep working hard every day to accomplish all my goals. And encouraging people around me to do the same, because dreams can become a reality.

Would you see yourself working on LinkedIn?

Of course! It is a dream job. Working for LinkedIn, a leading global company, with a highly professional team would be a great opportunity where I could get a lot of experience in international marketing and business. It would be an invaluable source of professional and personal growth. And most importantly, I would work in what I am passionate about, with people who share the same passion, as a family.

Do you want to recommend something to your fellow students?

Meeting incredible people on LinkedIn was extremely enriching and encouraging for me because it was proof that extraordinary opportunities exist.

Studying English in SEDA College opens up endless opportunities for a better future, make the most out of this opportunity to study abroad.

Everything is possible when you really want to, the most tangible proof is that today we live in Dublin, far from our home, and we are growing day by day with each experience lived. And of course … enjoy and learn about everything.

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