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Some people hate it, some people love it, but the truth is that grammar is by far one of the most important things in the English learning process people have to come across. If an English learner can easily handle grammar issues, probably this person will have no problems with writing, listening and reading as well, because basically, these skills require a lot of grammar from the student. So that’s why SEDA College offers Grammar Classes as a weekly complementary activity. Check out for yourselves.

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Every Monday and Wednesday of the monthly SEDA’s extra activities calendar, the students are given the chance to learn more about grammar issues. It’s good to point out that Monday classes are basically – not compulsory – for beginners, elementary and intermediate leveled students, as well as Wednesday classes are for upper-intermediate, advanced and advanced plus leveled students. Actually, everybody can attend in a way or another, but this is basically the schedule.

In these classes, a teacher will bring up, in a joyful and playful way, some grammar points and will try to make the students figure them out in the easiest way as possible by playing games, doing some quizzes, singing songs etc. This is important because besides of the traditional classes the students have in the morning or in the afternoon, the extra grammar classes make them feel more comfortable, once they don’t have to do tests or exams, but this grammar just complement what they have been learning.

This grammar reinforcement will definitely achieve concrete results on external exams and will help the students to perfect their English skills. It’s simple, it’s important and it takes only one hour of your day.

So, come to our pressureless Grammar classes and take advantage of the change to improve even more your skills. It happens every Monday and Wednesday at 4:30 pm. You are all invited. Just enjoy it!

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