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Game of Thrones is a TV series that has become the world’s greatest achievement in recent years, reaching more than 13 million fans and spectators around the world. The fictitious story reached the great audience not only because of the incredible storyline but also because of the beautiful locations recorded all over the world. Get to know the sceneries of Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland!

In Northern Ireland are Westeros and Winterfell. Follow the script with all the locations:

Tollymore Forest Park: used as the scenery of Winterfell, the northern forests. In GoT, it’s home to the Stark family and their giant wolves.

Ward Castle: the 18th-century castle is located at the base of the mountain Morne and fortress of the Stark. In real life, there are 332 hectares with gardens, a fortified tower, working mill, as well as shops and restaurants.


Ballycastle: this town is located in County Antrim and it’s known for being the house of Lord Varys, the eunuch who was born as a slave.

Pedreira de Wolf Hill: located at the exit of Belfast, in GoT it appears incredibly covered with snow, by the intervention of the computer editions. Without the special effects, it’s a simple roadside quarry.

Dunluce Castle: house of the Greyjoys, the place is known as Fort Hill. It’s located in the County of Antrim and the access to it is through a bridge.

Dark Hedges: known as the Kingsroad in GoT, curved trees are part of creating a magical and unique setting. In the plot, it’s part of the path leading to the mansion Garcehill House.

Downhill Beach: with a stretch of sand of 11 km in length and a special area of preservation for keeping its waters clean, served as the setting for Melisandre to burn the Seven Idols of Westeros.

Murlough Bay: the bay is located in the north coast. It was transformed into the Iron Islands on the third season of GoT, where Theon Greyjoy rides with his sister Yara.

Cushendun: a small coastal town located in County Antrim, its caves were used as the backdrop for the birthing of Melisandre’s terrifying creature in the second season.

Ballintoy Harbour: a village also located in Antrim. In the second season, it was the scenery of Lordsport, in the Iron Islands, controlled by the Greyjoys.

So, how about visiting the locations of Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland? These are some of the options! By car, the trip to Northern Ireland only lasts about 2 and a half hours from Dublin.

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